Thought of the Day: I Am Not A Victim

In college, my creative writing professor introduced me to this awesome concept called free-writing.  When one free-writes, they set a timer and they allow themselves to write whatever they think, rather it is logical or not.  This is my free-writing exercise of the day.  I am not a victim.  So often in life, I’ve acted as one.  I have allowed this world to beat me down and its time for me to pull myself up by my boot-straps and figure things out.  I’m in a relationship that I no longer feel good about, I have a job that I have hated from day one, and I have allowed my weight to get out of control.  Am I 300 lbs? No. But I would like to look better and feel better about myself.  I know that my weight plays a huge roll in why I am making the decisions I’m making.  Had I been smaller, maybe I would have had the confidence to chase better jobs and better men.  I don’t know.  But I really wanna find out.  I believe I have done myself a great disservice by allowing myself to become a victim.  I could be a lot more proactive than I am.  I mean, how am I going to find out what I’m truly capable of if I never even try? Yeah…just the ramblings of a crazy person.


Of course the g…

Of course the grass is always greener on the other side. Its being fertilized with bullshit.

Stop letting people dictate how you should feel about yourself.  People go on Facebook all the time and brag about their vacations, their kids, and their brand new cars.  What they fail to brag about is their credit card debt, cheating spouse, and the bill collectors that are threatening to repo their shit.  When you’re sitting back feeling envious because the next person has more than you do, consider this.  Someone else is happy with less than you have.  Real talk for real people….