A Song for U

Curse the coldness in my heart
Fuck the chill in the air
I wish this ice water in my veins
wasn’t keeping us apart


Fuck the past and all the beef
Fuck the times we didn’t speak
Can’t let go of the words I should’ve said
These doubts are stuck inside my head


Invisible barriers of pride
keep me from displaying what’s inside
I can’t stand my own reflection
but there’s nowhere else to hide

Sometimes I look at our pictures
and remember you standing there
but now that you’re gone
I pretend that I don’t care

Deep inside I’m hurt
Yes, deep inside I’m scarred
but I felt like you only gave an inch
when I gave you a whole yard

It’s hard to express love
when someone can’t reciprocate
but shards of hope and redemption
force you to sit and wait

Sometimes words are never spoken
second chances don’t appear
a frozen heart may never thaw
Frozen eyes never shed tears…



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