The Great Depression

The Great Depression

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Abercrombie & Bitch…

To begin, let me give you some background information about the author aka yours truly.  I am a plus size woman.  I have been a victim of teasing, bullying, discrimination, etc, mainly as a child.  Even as an adult I have garnered more than my fair share of judgmental looks when I sit down to eat a meal at a restaurant or go to the gym.  I am not the fattest person that ever lived, but at a weight of 220 lbs, I am far from what would be considered a “normal” weight.  

The truth of the matter is that people are unkind. America as a nation is hypocritical. We preach self-love and promote diet pills.  We talk about the beauty of plus sized women and hire stick thin women to play characters on popular tv shows.  We want our young women to love their bodies and then we publicly display airbrushed pictures of Beyonce.  How does one form a loving relationship with their imperfect body if petite body sizes are the only ones that are being celebrated? Hmmmmmm…I wonder.

In order to analyze the comments of this douche bag CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch, one must first look into the mirror for a little self analysis.  Let’s be honest.  This country IS overweight. We are the most unhealthy, out of shape people in the world by a landslide.  Our portion sizes are ridiculous and we lack all self control.  I, myself, am a sugar-addict/diabetic that does nothing to control the amount of sugar I consume.  Yes. I do go to the gym, but the gym is not beneficial if your diet is unhealthy.  To all my fellow fatties that claim that they only eat small portions or honestly eat salads all day, shut up and pass the wings and ranch dressing.  Some people have medical issues that inhibit weight loss.  The rest of us are capable of making a change.

When I first heard about the Abercrombie and Fitch controversy, I was immediately disgusted.  I wanted to rant and rave and send this man hate mail. I wanted to blow up his fucking house, sit on his face and fart and a bunch of other vile expressions of hatred.  That was obviously not an objective way of approaching this situation.  If I take my personal feelings out of the equation, I still see that this guy is a douchebag, but for different reasons.

Logically, this man’s business model makes no sense.  You refuse to sell plus sized clothing.  Fine. I suppose that is his right.  There’s nothing we can do about that.  But the amount of money he is missing out on is ludicrous.  His clothes stop at size 10.  Your average American women wears a size 12.  Verdict: He done fucked up.  He is missing out on millions and millions that would come from the plus-sized population.  If his main objective is to make the most amount of money he possibly can, he is an epic failure.  Bad business move on his behalf.

As stated in the video, this man (for lack of a better term) is also promoting bullying.  When you discriminate against people based on their looks, you destroy their sense of self-worth. This man is clearly stuck in high school.  He is separating the “cool” kids from the “losers”.  Who is he to dictate who is popular/worthy of acceptance and who isn’t? It’s all a tool to encourage separation. 

Anyone who cannot see the other implications involved in this controversy is truly dense.  Do you really believe that fatties are the only group of people this man dislikes?  The socio-economic and race based discrimination of this company is astounding! What he really wanted to say was “I don’t make clothes for fat people, poor people, or niggers.” Anyone who has stepped into Abercrombie and Fitch knows that those prices are ridiculous. No. I will not buy your fifty-dollar sweat pants, even if I had the excess funds and “perfect” body size. Fuck you and your company.You obviously don’t cater to minorities (who on average make less money than our Caucasian counterparts) or the poor (duh).  Even the company catalog lacks people of color. That asshole definitely meant to say more than he did, but since weight discrimination is the only acceptable discrimination that can be expressed in public, he went after the fatties.

As much as I resented this man on a personal and business level, I quietly applauded his gangsta.  All companies do this on some level.  I was a seasonal sales associate at Victoria’s Secret in the winter of 2011.  I have dealt with the disappointed customers who couldn’t find clothes or underwear in a 2X. I have meticulously folded sweatpants making sure that I put the larger sizes at the bottom and the smaller sizes at the top.  I have witnessed my coworkers ignoring larger customers.  I am ashamed to say that I contributed my time and energy to a company that obviously had these prejudices.  

In the end, this man has enlightened us about who he is and what his company represents. Was it politically correct? Hell no, and in a strange way, that was a blessing.  Once you know a companies’ practices, you then become an educated consumer.  I encourage you all to take that knowledge and apply it to what you purchase.  If you don’t like a business’ policies, avoid buying their products.  Take a stand.  Someone once said, “once someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” I believe that this guy is a douchebag, an asshole and a prick, but I am very grateful that he showed us his true colors.  Now maybe this country will smarten up and practice what it preaches.