Happy 4/20!!!

In honor of 4/20, I have taken time out of my busy day (lol) to create the perfect drug mix for all my smokers.  I hope you guys enjoy the day.  I unfortunately cannot (damn job making me take piss tests).  Roll one for me…

1. Curtis Mayfield-Pusherman
2.  Styles P-Good Times
3.  D-12-Purple Pills
4.  Ludacris-Screwed Up
5.  D’angelo-Brown Sugar
6.  Ludacris-Blueberry Yum Yum
7.  Jamiroquai-Space Cowboy
8.  Jay Z- I Know
9.   Jimi Hendrix-Purple Haze
10.  Snoop Dogg ft. Pharell- Let’s Get Blown
11.  Snow-Informer
12.  Kendrick Lamar-The Recipe
13.  Afroman-Because I Got High
14.  Purple Ribbon Allstars-Kryptonite
15.  Sean Paul-We Be Burnin’


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