She Wants To Move (S.W.T.M)

You can’t see the woman that stands before you
Confessions of her love start to bore you
You  broke her wings, so she wouldn’t take flight
But guess what, she aint coming home tonight
You used to take her dancing, take her out for fancy meals
Rub her back, buy her gifts, take off her heels
You showed your love, you would treat her like a queen
You let her know she was the woman of your dreams
More than a little time has passed you both by
You’re no longer there and she’s wondering why
What was once a small bud is now a flower
What was once a sunny day gave way to showers
A woman knows
when her man don’t treat her right
another tear, another bruise, another fight
She’s getting tired of a man that puts her down
so she decides its best that she doesn’t stick around
She’s found someone else
and now you’re caught up, feeling mad
You can’t move on from the best thing you’ve ever had
Now you’re contemplating all the time you should’ve spent
Telling her how she’s beautiful and what she meant
You didn’t listen when she fired warning shots
Too fucking arrogant to play connect the dots
How is she a bitch if she told you how she felt
Now you’re sitting back playing the hand that you were dealt
Once afraid to leave the nest, now she takes flight
Guess what, she ain’t coming home tonight.


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