My Letter of Resignation

Dear X,

I regret (somewhat…kinda…not really…not at all) to inform you that I will be voluntarily terminating my employment with your company as of 3-30-13.  After 11 months of hell I have decided that your company no longer meets my financial or career advancement needs. I feel as though my intellect far exceeds that of any of the douche bag asshole managers you have chosen to keep on your payroll while making faithful employees like me expendable.  I will no longer promote this fuckery and I think that its best that we part ways while our relationship is still amicable (laughable).
During my brief time with your company, I have taken note of many possible improvements that would prove to be beneficial to both employees and customers alike.  For example, your company only accepts Discover card, check or cash.  Who the fuck does that?! What established business doesn’t accept Visa or debit cards?! Do you know how many customers have gotten angry with me, a damn cashier, because you wouldn’t take their fuckin debit card?! I know that Visa and other major credit card distributors charge the company a percentage of their profits to let customers use their cards, but think of how many customers you have turned away because they didn’t have a check, cash, or a discover card.  In trying to save money, you’re actually losing it.  Absolutely ridiculous.

Another grievance that I have is related to the substandard  treatment of your employees.  Let me say that I have been an employee at X for 11 months and have only received a 10 cent raise. I was both shocked and appalled that you would treat a faithful and loyal employee this way.  I am more than willing to acknowledge my shortcomings;  I am only human.  I am lethargic and sometimes I neglected to greet customers with a smile as I rang out their 300 dollars worth of grocery items.  My bad, but whenever you needed someone to pick up an extra shift, I was there.  I called out a total of 4 times in 11 months; the rest of the time was scheduled weeks before hand.  Where the fuck is my raise?!

Opportunities for career advancement were also very limited.  When I was hired, I was told that I would be able to advance in my career (job. A fuckin cashier at a grocery store is far from a career)  This turned out to be a falsehood, or to put it in the crass manner that befits your company’s tactics and policies, a blatant fuckin lie.  I have watched people who were hired after me rise through the ranks.  I was never cross-trained for the pharmacy as I had requested.  I was never offered a full time position with health care benefits (which i desperately need due to my diabetes).  While that is enough to appall and disgust someone with even the most mild-mannered disposition, the way that your company has chosen to treat it’s long term employees is even more disgusting.  My co-worker has worked at X for 7 years and has YET to secure a full time job with benefits.  If this is how you treat your long term employees, I am truly elated to be leaving now.

My final grievance is in relation to the excessive workload that employees are expected to undertake.  I am one person.  As far as I’m aware, I don’t have any clones or doppelgangers hanging around.  Given this fact, why do you expect me to bag groceries, greet the customers, process the payments and give change all at the same time?!  I have no bagger and I rarely have help from anyone. Yet, I continue to do my best.  I guess the asshole manager mumbling about how lazy I am under his breath (bitch) is supposed to motivate me to work harder.  Here’s an idea.  Instead of putting 3 fuckin cashiers on the schedule and expecting them to take care of 40 impatient customers, why not put 10 fucking cashiers on the schedule and let them take care of 4 customers each? Smh…
In conclusion, fuck your company and all the slithering, slimy, nasty, brown-nosing faggots that dwell within.  On this, the day of my resignation, I am both conflicted and elated.  Yes, I picked up a weakly check.  Yes, I was able to build my bank account and pay on my student loans.  Yes, I even brought this laptop with the funds that I made working for you.  However, I have also been degraded, demeaned, and chastised.  I have overheard fellow employees talking about me,  I have had managers disrespect me, and I have had bosses neglect me.  I guess what I’m trying to say is…its not me, its you.  Thanks for nothing.

Katonya Raven Lee Hayes

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