The Ten Commandments

1.  Thou shalt not fuck with my shit. My personal property is mine. Don’t touch my man nor my merchandise.
2.  Thou shalt not call yourself a friend and fuck with my enemies.  Don’t bother trying to be my friend and be the friend of my enemy too.  One of us motherfuckers has to go.
3.  Thou shalt not snitch for personal gain.  If you are a rat, stay the fuck out my life.  I won’t miss your ass one bit.  If you tell on someone else, you’ll tell on me.
4.  Thou shalt not be nosy for the sake of being nosy. There’s nothing wrong with finding out whats wrong with someone in order to help them, but just to know their business…miss me with that shit.
5.  Thou shalt not ask to borrow money.  I’m an ex college student with a minimum wage job.  You can ask, but you’re not getting shit.
6.  Thou shalt not call me during the daytime unless you’re in myfaves.  I get unlimited calling to five people of my choice. If I didn’t choose you, don’t call before 9.
7.  Thou shalt not go without bathing and wear excessive amounts of perfume/cologne to cover thy stench.  Self-explanatory.  
8.  Thou shalt not wear weave that is a lighter color than your skin-tone.  I’m tired of seeing jet black people in blonde weave. STOP IT!
9.  Thou shalt not talk to me while I have headphones on.  What the fuck do you not understand about the fact that I can’t fucking hear you?!  STOP TALKING!!!
10.  Thou shalt not take my kindness as a weakness.  I’m a nice person, but don’t push your luck.



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