Power Trip

They’re screaming where u been
muthafuckas ain’t seen me in a while
I’ve been standing in broad daylight
Pain hidden by a fake ass smile
I’ve turned from the appeal of darkness
in favor of a brighter path
tried to suppress my instincts
tried to take the bullshit and laugh
I must’ve been so damn blind
to let this shit keep going on
You can change some of the lyrics
but in the end
it’s the same damn song
I bit my tongue til it bled
suppressed the voices in my head
but in the end I’m the victim
I’m the one who took the hardest blows instead
Cut me open with rusty razors
tear out my heart out, hold it in your hand
I treated life like a game
But this wasn’t apart of the plan
Fuck me and fuck you
watch it all like we’re in front of a mirror
scream til you can’t take it anymore
and know they’re never gonna hear ya
Write it down with a pen and a pad
Tell the world about what I did
Try to find your way out the darkness
Live in the same hole where I hid
Fuck your feelings with a stiff dick
You should hop on and ride
Try feeling love for the world
when you’re fucking dead inside

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